Thursday, June 25, 2015

25 Weeks and Kickin'!

It's hard to believe I'm already 25 weeks (tomorrow). I am past the point of looking like I have a gut and on to full-on pregnant. I've even had several strangers comment on my bump. A woman in the elevator today asked me, "Are you pregnant?" I said yes and she went on to tell me how wonderful I look. What a boost! :)

Baby girl is certainly a mover. If she's not kicking, she's punching or somersaulting in her little amphibious sack. It's amazing to me every time she moves and I remind myself to relish it all, as she'll be crawling and walking in no time at all.

We've been working on clearing guest room furniture out of the baby's room and are pretty much ready to paint and start getting baby furniture set up! I just need to order the crib. :)

And then there's her name. I think we've settled on two, though if I can convince the hubs, it's actually three.
Emily Elayna
Emily Olivia
Anastasia Claire

I have a feeling ACE is going to win but I'd honestly be happy with any of them. They're all beautiful and perfect for our perfect, baby girl.

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