Friday, March 27, 2015

12 Weeks!

I am officially 3 months pregnant today! 

We had the NIPT/Verify tests done on Tuesday. The first test is for genetic defects such as down syndrome, chromosome 13, and others, while the second is a carrier screening test to check if I am a carrier for any of 75 different genetic disorders. If I test positive for any, Andrew will also be tested, as it takes both of us to be a carrier for a 25% chance the baby will have the condition. I'm a little nervous to get the results in a couple weeks but since the ultrasound showed perfect growth and nucheal density (liquid under the neck) I feel pretty good. AND we get to find out the gender! The ultrasound is by far the coolest thing we've seen so far. This one was finally on my belly (vs the hoo ha!) and so detailed we could see the nasal bone, hands, and feet! We even got to see it moving! I swear the kid is already a dancer. :)

I'm so anxious to be further along... I've started drooling over the things I'm going to buy like Belly Buds and a Belly Band... I know I'll regret saying this but I can't even wait to buy maternity clothes. :) 

Friday, March 13, 2015

Baby Beats

I had my first appointment with my OB yesterday. I was a little nervous since it's been 2 weeks since my last appt/ultrasound and found out when I got in the exam room that the OB appointment did not include an ultrasound. My doctor completely understood my anxiety so she pulled out the dopplar and said it's pretty early but we could try to listen for a heartbeat. She put the goo on the wand and pressed it to my belly. Immediately I could hear a heartbeat, loud and clear! It was the most amazing sound. So fast but so strong. 

I left the OB with a smile on my face and went straight to the post office to mail our big announcements! Can't wait till the calls start coming in from surprised family!
The flip side to all the happiness is this stupid cold I got last week. It hit me like a mac truck... I was absolutely demolished for days. I'm finally on the mend and left with a stuffy head and awful sinus pain at night. I started the neti pot treatment yesterday and am hoping that will help me avoid a sinus infection. Not sure how antibiotics work with baby.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Vegetable Day!

Oh happy day, the morning sickness has finally subsided (at least for now)!! Salads actually sound good again, which is great because this baby can't survive on mac 'n cheese and Fritos alone! 

As soon as the nausea started to abate, I of course came down with a nasty cold. I usually have the immune system of Wonder Woman but with the lifeform inside me my defenses are down. :) I read that some over the counter cold medicines are ok but try to avoid them in the first trimester if possible. ...which means I've been relegated back to olden times when the best medicine was sleep, water, and oranges. Luckily I'm in my "two week notice" phase at work so I don't have much responsibility (read: I've been laying in bed for three days watching the final season of 24).