Tuesday, April 28, 2015

16 Weeks... Ouch, Ick

Everyone tells you the second trimester is a breeze. Morning sickness is gone, you're not so big you're uncomfortable. Not so, my friend - at least not for me. I'm still nauseous and vomiting a couple times per week (admittedly better than before!) and now I have these weird growing pains in my lower abdomen that are apparently called Round Ligament pain. I'm feeling pretty bad today - didn't sleep well (due to vomiting!), have vomited twice at work, my pants are unbuttoned, and I have growing pains in my tummy... all while trying to get work done! But at least I'm pregnant! :)

Besides my little complaints, everything is going perfectly! All tests have come back normal and my nifty little fetal doppler lets me hear my little girl's heartbeat at home! At the next OB appt we'll get to see her again! And the appt after that I get to drink a disgustingly sugary drink to test for gestational diabetes. Woo. :) C'est la vie.

Hubs and I are headed to Paris on Friday for our babymoon. Baby's first trip abroad. :) A bientot!

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