Thursday, March 5, 2015

Happy Vegetable Day!

Oh happy day, the morning sickness has finally subsided (at least for now)!! Salads actually sound good again, which is great because this baby can't survive on mac 'n cheese and Fritos alone! 

As soon as the nausea started to abate, I of course came down with a nasty cold. I usually have the immune system of Wonder Woman but with the lifeform inside me my defenses are down. :) I read that some over the counter cold medicines are ok but try to avoid them in the first trimester if possible. ...which means I've been relegated back to olden times when the best medicine was sleep, water, and oranges. Luckily I'm in my "two week notice" phase at work so I don't have much responsibility (read: I've been laying in bed for three days watching the final season of 24).

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