Friday, March 27, 2015

12 Weeks!

I am officially 3 months pregnant today! 

We had the NIPT/Verify tests done on Tuesday. The first test is for genetic defects such as down syndrome, chromosome 13, and others, while the second is a carrier screening test to check if I am a carrier for any of 75 different genetic disorders. If I test positive for any, Andrew will also be tested, as it takes both of us to be a carrier for a 25% chance the baby will have the condition. I'm a little nervous to get the results in a couple weeks but since the ultrasound showed perfect growth and nucheal density (liquid under the neck) I feel pretty good. AND we get to find out the gender! The ultrasound is by far the coolest thing we've seen so far. This one was finally on my belly (vs the hoo ha!) and so detailed we could see the nasal bone, hands, and feet! We even got to see it moving! I swear the kid is already a dancer. :)

I'm so anxious to be further along... I've started drooling over the things I'm going to buy like Belly Buds and a Belly Band... I know I'll regret saying this but I can't even wait to buy maternity clothes. :) 

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