Monday, January 19, 2015

Ow ow ow ow: Progesterone in Oil

The final and absolute worst of all the shots is here and is causing some contention with Hubs. Like a typical guy, he tends to do first and ask questions later. Like a typical girl, I am very detail-oriented and want to make sure we're following the instructional video to a T. So after this horrid shot is given and I'm in pain the whole way through, I ask questions on what he did and didn't do in hopes I would get a clue as to why it hurt so much. He takes this as a personal attack and instead of comforting his wife who has just been stuck in the nether-region with a 1 1/2" needle full of oil he retreats to the basement to sulk.

This pictures shows just how medieval the progesterone needle is compared with all the other injection needles I've been using.
Courtesy of  Princess of Taylor blog

I reached out to my nurse this morning to see if there is an alternative to the injections and she gave me permission to go down to every 3 days instead of every day!!! Thank you, Nurse Wonderful; you may have just saved my marriage!

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