Friday, January 23, 2015

The Two Week Wait Begins

The transfer went seamlessly and was so easy. We were at the clinic for about 2 hours but only 5 minutes of that was the actual transfer. We got to watch on the  monitor as the embryologist showed us our baby, sucked it up into a straw, and the doctor inserted it into the cushion I've been working so hard to create for it. :) It was REALLY cool being able to watch the whole thing and it really didn't hurt at all.

I had an appt with my acupuncturist right the transfer after but since I was on valium I slept through the whole thing! 

My pregnancy test is scheduled for next Friday so luckily I don't even have to wait a full 2 weeks!! Now I just have to stay as de-stressed as possible (bed rest for 48 hours) and try to keep my mind off of the impending test. As of now, I'm going under the assumption that I'm pregnant until proven otherwise!

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